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Freedom Seminars

Find your dreams & make them reality.

Russ Hardesty has delighted in helping individuals, couples and families to create momentum to achieve personally powerful lives for the past 30 years. In 1988 a group of 10 couples asked Russ to work with them as a group to achieve such results. Along with his wife, Pat, they have combined their many skills to create what has become known as Freedom Seminars.
"...Freedom from ... Freedom to become..."
~ Viktor Frankl

Since that time, Freedom Seminars has helped hundreds of individuals and families discover greater passion for life and live more abundantly.

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The happy and successful children and grandchildren of the earliest seminars' graduates are testimonies to the integrity and effectiveness of the training.




Roots & Wings

This four and a half day training begins on a Wednesday at noon and continues through Sunday. Visit the Workshop Dates page for dates.

Roots & Wings is where your personal journey begins. The training room becomes the safe place to honestly assess one's life and practice new skills that can continue to produce a life time of desired results.

During this time, participants visit past experiences, learning how these can either empower or limit their present and future circumstances. A combination of interactive exercises and teaching energizes and entertains participants. Active participation increases understanding and application of the skills. The Roots and Wings training has a mix of moments that are intense, fun and exciting. Roots and Wings is designed to take each person to the level of excellence they personally choose - not what someone else thinks they should attain. This experiential process teaches how to apply the tools to get what you have always wanted.

The cost of this life-changing four and one half day training is $795 plus the cost of your hotel room. We will make your room reservations.

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Contact Amy with any questions: (573) 808-1371

Flight I

Flight I & Flight II are structured to start on a Friday and continues through Sunday. Visit the Workshop Dates page for dates!



Expand and strengthen skills and insights gained in Roots and Wings !

Roots & Wings is discovery about who you are. Flight continues this process of discovery in focusing on what you want and how you are specifically equipped to pursue the desires of your heart (what you want). In Flight we call this your Purpose.

The processes taught in Flight help to identify specifically what you really want. Some significant processes include Start / Stop...chaning patterns of behavior to create a lifestyle of purpose that will give you personal power to have success.

We also include training on Self Image. How we perceive ourselves (Self Image) has much to do with how we make choices, how we respond to others, and ultimately how we take action toward our dreams.

The cost of this two and one half day training is $200.

Flight II

The next building block after Flight I!

Flight II focuses on understanding one's purpose and leadership. While exploring and identifying these aspects of personality. Tools are presented that strengthen your understanding and strategies to live designing your life!

The cost of this two and one half day training is $200.